New Zealand Blackcurrant

New Zealand Blackcurrant ,  Best of the Blackcurrants

New Zealand Blackcurrant

New Zealand Blackcurrant

There are multivitamins with the New Zealand Black Currant in it. It seems like I get Facebook Fans coming here and I do not know just how they are finding this site from there.

You have your everyday blackcurrants and then you have the superior antioxidant rich New Zealand blackcurrant also known as the nz blackcurrant. The NZ Green Lipped muscles are also a special product that only comes from New Zealand.

I am sure by now that many of you reading this have heard about blackcurrants or heard the news around blackcurrants. There is a special blackcurrant that is known for higher degrees of anti-oxidants which originate from anthocyanins, flavonoics, and polyphenols. This blackcurrant  is found in New Zealand and is simply called the New Zealand blackcurrants or NZ blackcurrant. The antioxidant degree discovered in this NZ blackcurrants is way above others commercially offered berries, fruits, and vegetables, plus it has higher amounts of vitamin C as compared to the typical orange. What makes this blackcurrant have a higher vitamin mineral content? Some believe it is because of the volcanic soil that is nutrient rich.

Nutrient Rich Soil

Exactly what makes New Zealand so exceptional in the blackcurrant farming world when compared to Europe or Asia? Some could say that it’s the dirt, while others might state that it’s the weather condition, or maybe it’s the mix. Many say the answer lies in the volcanic ash types of soil that is present in the area. The currants get the nutrients from the nutrient rich volcanic soil.  Whatever the determining factor is, blackcurrants that grow in New Zealand are the best. Presently, New Zealand creates around 12,000 tons of blackcurrants on average each year. In addition, New Zealand blackcurrants have greater degrees of anthocyanins compared to those generated by various other countries; anthoycyanins have actually been understood to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging type of properties.

New Zealand Blackcurrants Test Results

Blackcurrants could lessen psychological tiredness plus a research which was carried out by Plant & Food Research found to  minimize tension. In one specific study the New Zealand blackcurrants actually helped the test subjects stay focused and alert plus lowered their mental fatigue. The test subjects also worked with greater accuracy while under much more mental stress. Test subjects watched  a series of random numbers and were asked to respond when they saw three consecutive odd numbers show up in a row. When compared to the test subjects on a placebo the ones taking the enriched blackcurrant extracts had a much higher accuracy rate and showed much lower mental fatigue during the test.

Many benefits have been found from consuming the New Zealand blackcurrant. The lowering of stress and the increased mental alertness was just a couple of the things that were noticeable during the testing. Previous research conducted by Plant & Food has also found New Zealand blackcurrants to have many other health benefits including with helping with a healthy immune system and reducing muscle fatigue and damage.

When it comes to health the New Zealand blackcurrant continues to shine  above all the other blackcurrants from other countries in the world. Blackcurrants on a whole are one of the top sources of antioxidants found in berries.


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