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Magic Seaweed

The Health Benefits Of Seaweed

Magic Seaweed For Health

Carb Block with InSea2 Brown Magic Seaweed

To many cultures around the world, eating magic seaweed is nothing new. Edible, healthy seaweed is a popular food in countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. The health benefits of this super food have been enjoyed by these cultures for hundreds of years, but unfortunately a lot of people in North America don’t know a lot about seaweed. Seaweed is an incredible, nutrient dense food. Along with vitamins like selenium, potassium, magnesium and iron, seaweed is very high in iodine which is essential for healthy thyroid function, combating fatigue, and preventing muscle weakness. Studies have also shown that eating seaweed may regulate estrogen, reduce your risk of breast cancer, and help with PMS symptoms. On top of this, seaweed contains a complete protein and is a non-animal source of vitamin B-12, which is great news for vegetarians and vegans everywhere. What’s more, a 1/3 cup of dried seaweed contains only 17 calories and 0g of fat, making it the perfect food for weight loss. One form of brown magic seaweed is used in a weight loss product called a Carb Blocker with InSea2 which comes from a special type of brown seaweed. Some of the best seaweed comes from the waters of New Zealand. This may be why the New Zealand Green Lipped muscles are the best ones to use in Fast Relief products.

Types Of Magic Seaweed

At this point, you may be wanting to get your hands on some seaweed, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for. There are many types of healthy seaweed to include in your diet, including kombu, wakame, agar, and the most well known by the Western world, nori. You might recognize nori if you’ve ever eaten at a sushi restaurant. Nori is the perfect introductory magic seaweed to include in your diet because it’s so easy to eat and has a mild seafood flavor. You can use it to make nori wraps instead of sandwiches, cut it up into pieces for salads and soups, or buy nori chips which make a great healthy snacking alternative to potato chips. Agar is another great option for newcomers to seaweed. Agar is a flavorless vegetarian gelatin substitute that is perfect for making vegetarian jellies and desserts. This means unlike most other types of edible seaweed, agar doesn’t have a savory, seafood flavor. Kombu and wakame on the other hand both have a salty, strong seafood taste which make them great additions to dishes that need a complex and robust flavor profile. However, if you’re not fond of the taste, you can always include healthy seaweed in your diet using seaweed supplements¬†which can be found at your local health food store. You can find the types of healthy seaweed mentioned in this article at your local Asian supermarket. Take the plunge and take advantage of the health benefits of the magic seaweed varieties today!

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel – Is It A Natural Supplement For Arthritis And Other Conditions?

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

The New Zealand green lipped mussel or Perna canaliculus, is a shellfish native to New Zealand and used in medicine and over the counter supplements.  It is most commonly used for the treatment of arthritis, and to a lesser extent for asthma and various other joint disorders and respiratory conditions.

Shellfish Supplements

Shellfish supplements are used as a traditional remedy for arthritis, in particular by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. The green lipped mussel is taken as a natural fast relief cream, nutritional supplement and has anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. Its extracts contain amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids, the latter of which laboratory and animal studies have shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and are important for maintaining joint cell structure and function. Its richness in omega-3 thus makes this a very powerful health supplement.

Judging by numerous WebMD and Amazon reviews, many people suffering from joint pain seem to have benefited greatly from taking New Zealand green lipped mussel. Some people have even been giving the supplement to their pet dog and noticed major differences in their mobility!

Because trial data is limited, the efficacy and safety of the green lipped mussel extracts are not yet fully known. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid taking this supplement because of evidence from animal studies that it might slow the development of the unborn child and might also delay birth. People allergic to shellfish should also steer clear from this.

Growing The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

Important to the aquaculture industry of New Zealand and growing at a rapid pace, the greenshell mussel industry is subject to strict environmental laws and operates on some of the most rigorous quality standards worldwide, with tests carried out on both mussels and seawater around the farms for biotoxins, bacteria and heavy metals, making the New Zealand green lipped mussel one of the most eco-friendly, safest and healthiest seafoods out there. It is available in freeze-dried, ground and oil capsule form.

See what the Arthritis Foundation has to say about the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel.